Floundering trips begin around sunset and will last between 4 to 6 hours depending on the nights conditions. Everything else will be provided for you and your fish will be cleaned at the end of your trip. You are allowed to keep 5 flounder per person, you may also have the chance to gig other non-game fish such as Black Drum and Sheapshead.

Capt. Brad Graham Floundering
Capt. Brad's Floundering boat

Rates and Information

2 people - $400

3 people - $475

4 people - $550

** Now excepting major credit cards.

Prices Include:

  • Fishing Tackle
  • Fish Cleaning and Packaging

What to Bring

  • Food & Drinks
  • Ice Chest
  • Texas Fishing License and Salt Water stamp
  • Any other personal needs or items

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